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Tenant Screening and Selection: We thoroughly prescreen every tenant we lease and maintain firm selection criteria. Applicants are subject to criminal background checks, credit checks, past rental verification and employment verification. Once an applicant has been screened we make recommendations and work with you to find the best tenant available.

Tenant move-in / move-out: There’s more to getting new tenants into your rental than signing a lease and giving them the key. Completing a property inspection before residents move in or out of your property holds them accountable for damages they cause and reduces the likelihood of security deposit disputes.

Rent Collection: Collecting rent every month and dealing with late payments will be a hassle. With us you will be free from troubles and we will ensure consistent cash flow. We are able to use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit funds directly into your bank account.

Eviction: As for eviction, a professional like us would know the law and would make the process smoothly as possible no matter the outcome.

Ongoing Inspections: On a regular basis we will have an authorized contractor or one of our staff inspect your unit. We’ll look for unreported maintenance issues such as water leaks, change the a/c filter (in some properties), and test the smoke detector(s). You will receive written notification giving you at least twenty-four hours of advance notice to prepare for us to enter the property in the event of an inspection.

Financial Services: We can help you with investments, lending and management. Coordination with Maintenance contractors: Good maintenance keeps the tenant happy and would have them stay longer as well as preserving value of your assets. By hiring us you we would be able to assist you by maintaining the estate with our professional contractors at a lower cost with quality service.

Property ready and accessible: By preparing the property we would know what improvements must be made to maximize earnings.

Maximize the usage of your time and your investment’s profitability: Save time and money by paying a relatively low management fee percentage. This will enable you to dedicate your time to pursue your full-time career, other investments, or personal goals.

Effective advertising and marketing: Our licensed Realtors market your property on the Houston Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service, on our website, and a variety of other syndicated websites. We only utilize advertising mediums that have proven to be cost effective in leasing or selling your property.

Established Vendor Relationships: Our vendor network is on call to service your property. We have worked with many of our vendors for several years and offer priority service at reasonable prices for properties under management.

How We Market The Property

Your building is a business. Marketing your property to which you are going to place on lease will be a fundamental step to make sure it is not vacant for too long.

The following are ways to market the property and get potential tenant:

  • HAR
  • Social Media: facebook, instagram… etc
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Print Advertising
  • Photography
  • Signage
  • Email
  • E-flyers

How We Screen Tenant

Tenants are screened by getting factual information for each tenant applicant, and use the information to determine whether a potential tenant is suitable to rent your property or not. This process enables us to protect your property and ensures the greatest chance of a successful tenant/ landlord relationship.

The following are ways to screen tenants for people possible to find a tenant:

  • Tenant Application
  • Run Credit Check
  • Check outstanding debt balances
  • Run a background Check
    • The ability to pay
    • Willingness to pay on time
    • Positive long-term outlook for job stability
    • Cleanliness and housekeeping skills
    • An aversion to crime, drugs, and other illegal activities
    • Employment status
  • Check eviction, broken lease and foreclosure
  • Contact previous landlords
  • Contact the tenant’s employer
  • Interview with the tenant

How We Collect Payment

Collecting rent is an essential part of property management, making sure leases are on time. Procedures must be consistent and we have a portal that will help us keep track of the payments.

  • client portal
  • In person

Rent is due on the 1st day of the month and late fee starts on the 4th of the month.

Landlord’s Recommendation

Home Warranty Service

It is strongly recommended that the landlord must have a home warranty service.

Renting Process Summary

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